Android : Updated OS & Browser for Browser detection

Did you know Facebook covertly and gradually ended up plainly one of the real Browser detection programs in portable world? Truly, Facebook Web Browser that no one ever discuss! what’s more, we can identify it for you.

At the point when a guest tap on your connection in Facebook or Facebook Messenger, It doesn’t open your site in a different web program (unless client has quit from Facebook In-App Browser), It open your site within Facebook Apps. Also, most investigation programming projects are essentially pointing this as Chrome, or Safari.

We’ve proceeded, and we can recognize Google Search App Browser detection on iOS, and even Instagram Browser. We will broaden this In-App program identification for normal applications as we discover them.

We are experimenting with best to demonstrate most exact perspective of your guests, expelling non-human and bots from your details. In any case, certain secrecy programs are known to go out wrong data keeping in mind the end goal to mis-control following applications. They are doing it for good reasons obviously which is to ensure clients security, and we are not endeavoring to unravel and uncover what is being covered up, rather, Hitsteps would not indicate wrong program or OS for Tor program clients.

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Tor Browser go out data saying it is a Firefox on Windows 7. Attempt it on Linux or macOS, still it report Windows 7! So as to give precise view to our clients, now we can distinguish if a client is utilizing Tor Browser detection and show Tor program symbol (rather than Firefox) and show Unknown OS (rather than Windows 7)

We are not interpreting what is genuine OS, but rather in any event, we are not indiscriminately passing incorrectly data to our clients.

Following up on Apple’s WWDC17 occasion few days prior, Hitsteps refreshed OS and Browser rundown would now be able to identify Safari 11 on macOS High Sierra and additionally more established forms of macOS, with suitable OS Icon custom-made for every OS X. Same goes for Linux dispersions, (for example, Ubuntu, Fedora, Mint, … ) and Android adaptations, (for example, KitKat, Nougat, Marshmallow and Android O)

With arrival of Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung has discharged Samsung Browser 5 which we can distinguish it and in addition Samsung Smart TV programs.